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Pricing: $800 to $5K

Your logo and brand identity system are very important assets to your business, these visual tools carry with them your companies brand mission and values, they are vital in building consistency, trust, and connecting with your customers in a very busy marketplace. A well executed identity in the end should appear effortless and clear, but getting to a refined result that will inspire requires chiseling through many layers to gain a true understanding of who and what the identity will represent.

Pricing: $3K to $100K

I’ve been designing websites since the web was born. I built websites in the days of Flash and websites that pre-date mobile devices and social media. There is no doubt the web has changed our lives, it’s changed how we shop, how we get news, how we keep-in-touch with friends & family, and how & where we conduct business. As the web matures, we need to evolve with it to stay relevant. This where I come in, I help small & mid-sized businesses leverage this fast-paced digital space by helping businesses develop meaningful design, I help businesses get found using techniques to increase visibility in search engines, and I help businesses develop experiences that delight users on their terms whether it be from a desktop, tablet, or mobile device.


I’m Mike Hosier, find me on Instagram, owner and Graphic Designer at MWH Design. MWH is a tiny design studio located on the outskirts of Saratoga Springs, NY where I've been happily self-employed since 2002. Outside of my design studio my time is largely filled up by my love for dogs; I photograph them, I train them, I breed Golden Retrievers, I volunteer at AKC clubs, and I'm the founder of
I specialize in design for business indentity and websites, then when possible help my clients best utilize the work on various media including print, packaging, trade-show displays, digital ads. My expertise has assisted countless collaborators reach more customers, launch new products, start new businesses, and or rebranding a current business. No matter the client or project, my goal is always the same, make something meaningful and memorable, work hard, and have fun doing what I love.
It can be really tough out there, and your customers most certainly have options. Your product or service may very well be best-in-class, but if the public is not aware of this than you may not be getting what you deserve. My creative services are designed to help your business reach more valued customers, to help you make more money, and to let the world know how great you really are.