Digital Marketing

Building a great website is the first step in digital marketing, but after launch, how do you get potential customers to your website? The answer is, there is no one answer. The landscape of digital marketing is in a constant state of change, you may have heard the latest buzzwords like influencer marketing, remarketing, CTA, SEO, SERP, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Social Ads, Email Marketing, and many more. Tools and implementation are important, but understanding the “why” must come before the “how”. I only provide digital marketing to clients I’ve built websites for, the reason is, after we build a website together I’ll have a pretty good idea of the “why” which I can then work into a strategize for the “how”.


How much does digital marketing cost?

This is impossible to answer, a digital marketing campaign can be a few weeks long, or a full year. Campaigns can be general awareness campaigns, or specific to a new product or service. Campaigns may be run on a single social network, or span across Facebook and Instagram combined with paid ads and email marketing. You can see the landscape is vast and pricing is dependant on the goals and implementation.

What are some types of digital marketing you focus on?

I can provide visual design assets for a campaign you're running, or I can help you carry out a campaign from start to finish. I focus on SEO, Facebook, Instagram, and Email Marketing.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, this is the practice optimizing a website with various techniques that assist search engines with placement in their directories. Our objective is to pinpoint who is searching for you, where they're searching, and what they're searching for in efforts to position your website for optimum visibility.

Can you help my company with online ads?

Yes, I can offer consulting, set up, and follow-through with paid ads on social networks and search engines. My services and the cost for the ads would be separate, you'd pay for the ads direct.

Do you only work with local businesses?

Nope, I've worked with clients all across the US and am happy to discuss your project regardless of where your company resides.