Logo & Identity

Your logo is a very important asset to your business identity, a logo is a symbol or a typographic style unique to only your business that’s instantly recognizable. It’s a visual tool that will carry with it your companies brand mission and values in the minds of your customers. While the end product is simple, getting to a refined result requires chiseling through layers to gain a true understanding of the values the logo will represent. Beyond a logo, additional branding assets can be also developed with the same understanding giving your business valuable tools to help strengthen your identity and keep it consistent as you grow. View my Logo Design portfolio


How much does a logo cost?

Like all custom design work, there is no set price for a logo. For starters, most logos I design start at around $1K and go up to around $3K depending on the type of business, other needs, etc. Once I understand the project parameters I will provide you with a cost estimate.

What's the difference between brand identity design vs. logo design?

When designing a business identity I dive deeper into the project looking at common use cases and develop a guide to help you leverage your logo and other graphic assets as your business grows. Creating an identity system can be a one-time project where I work with you to designate colors, typography, and graphic styles, or it can be constantly evolving design system that spans graphic assets, layouts, web UI components and more.

How many logo versions will I get?

Every logo design project is custom-made, no two are ever alike. Due to the nature of the design work I do, getting to know your business and your needs are an important first step in the process. With that said, following my process generally provides enough direction to start with a single design, then if needed create alternatives, and or revisions from there.

What is the typical process of designing a logo?

My design process always starts with research, getting to know your business, your values, and who your customers are is imperative to develop an effective solution. After research, I create a design draft, or several drafts and present those concepts to you. Upon approval, I supply you with all the file types you'll need to make the best use of your logo in the future. If requested I can also provide mockups using your logo for some real-life example such as apparel, hats, vehicles, etc.

Do you only work with local businesses?

Nope, I've worked with clients all across the US and am happy to discuss your project regardless of where your company resides.