About MWH

My name is Mike Hosier, owner/operator of MWH Design, a tiny-by-design creative studio located outside Saratoga Springs NY. Since 2002 my mission has been to help small & mid-sized businesses increase earning potential & customer awareness with strategy, design, and technology. I do this through a suite of creative services where I work closely with each client to help define goals and plan a roadmap for success. I then work with each client to develop important assets to support their goals. These assets range from business identities to business cards & brochures to digital products such as website properties and internet marketing campaigns. While I personally perform most of what MWH offers, and I’m always the point of contact, from time to time some projects require a collaborative partnership with specialists whose services complement mine. Collaborators are hand-picked, all located in the United States, and range from software engineers for eCommerce & web applications, print service providers, and more.

I Wear Many Hats

mike hosier, art director of MWH Design Mike Hosier Art Director
Mike Hosier, Graphic Designer of MWH Design Mike Hosier Designer
Mike Hosier, Front-end web developer of MWH Design Mike Hosier Developer
Mike Hosier, web design project manager of MWH Design Mike Hosier Project Manager
Mike Hosier, Marketing director of MWH Design Mike Hosier Marketing Director
Mike Hosier, Customer Support of MWH Design Mike Hosier Customer Support
Adirondack marty moose Marty Moose Branch Manager
mountain maggie moose Maggie Moose Asst. Branch Manager

dog crazy logo by Mike Hosier

What is Dog Crazy?

Outside MWH, my passions are family, my dogs, photography, and the great outdoors. Getting outside with my dogs and exploring nature with a camera inspires creativity and helps me to recharge. What began as a hobby has evolved into two micro-brands, Dog CrazyGoods for Dog Crazy Folks, and Moose GoldensGolden Retriever Puppies.

Check out my Instagram to see some photos from our adventures.