Hello, I’m Mike Hosier, owner and Graphic Designer of MWH Design. MWH is my tiny design studio in Upstate New York just outside Saratoga Springs. For the past 20 years I’ve considered myself a craftsman from the days of ol’ only working in the modern-day digital space. I specialize in designing logos & identity, websites, and print media, then when possible help my clients best utilize these assets through digital marketing campaigns. My expertise has assisted countless collaborators reach more customers, launch new products, start new businesses, and or rebranding a current business. No matter the client or project, my goal is always the same, make something meaningful and memorable, work hard, and have fun doing what I love. If you have a creative project you’d like to discuss I’d love to hear from you, simply book a call or use my graphic design quote request form to get things under way.

I Wear Many Hats

Mike Hosier, web design project manager of MWH Design Mike Hosier Project Manager
Mike Hosier, Graphic Designer of MWH Design Mike Hosier Graphic Designer
Mike Hosier, Front-end web developer of MWH Design Mike Hosier Web Developer
Mike Hosier, Marketing director of MWH Design Mike Hosier Customer Support

dog crazy logo by Mike Hosier

What's with the Dogs?

When I’m not working on a design project you’ll likely find me in the company of dogs and other dog people. Outside of MWH, my family and I own Moose Goldens, a small Golden Retriever puppy program. Also, in 2022 I started a new side venture I call Dogs In The Wild which is an outdoor dog photography service. I’m a member and volunteer at the G.R.C.A, Golden Retriever Club of America, and I’m the founder / designer of Dog Crazy – a lifestyle brand for adventurous Dog Crazy folks. Creative ventures with my dogs has helped me learn and leverage technologies, and design techniques without constraint which I believe continues to make me better at all I do.

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