Wulff School of Fly Fishing

  • Discipline:
  • Project: Website Redesign
  • Date: 2018

There’s something magical about being in the mountains surrounded by the sounds of babbling waterways and nature’s wonders. In contrast to the busy lifestyles most lead these days, being in a setting like this, even for just a short time, does wonder for the soul. Nature has a way of inspiring art too, whether that means painting a landscape, photographing wildlife, or wading in a river casting gorgeous loops in hopes to find a trout or two, humans are meant to embrace the wild as a way to keep our lives in balance. The Wulff School of Fly Fishing understands this, their facility is located in a tranquil setting surrounded by the Catskill Mountains and bordering the Beaverkill River–in NY, but a world away from noisy city life. It’s a place people come to learn the proper technique and artform of fly casting and fly fishing, techniques perfected by the legends themselves, Lee and Joan Wulff.

As a self-proclaimed outdoor addict myself, when I can spend my indoor time working on outdoor projects I’m a happy guy! The Wulff School website project fit that bill perfectly. The project began in 2018 when I was hired by the school to give their (very old) homepage a facelift. The website design update was so well received the owner hired me once again at the start of 2019 to update the design for the rest of the website utilizing vintage photos with newer photos taken by yours truly.

fly fishing website design
fly fishing website design