Saratoga Kennel Club

  • Discipline:
  • Project: Website redesign
  • Date: January 2024

Being part of the dog world myself, giving back where I can is very important to me, beginning at the end of 2023 leading into early 2024 I offered to help the Saratoga Kennel Club (SKC) replace their old website with a new product to help the club improve communications with group members as well as the general public. I built the website around the main club offerings with secondary emphasis on dates for such events, club gatherings, meeting, and more. To get to our result I built the new website using WordPress for quick and easy content additions from various club members which has been a great resource for the club. The new design pays tribute to the club identity to-date using their logo and the colors from within it as well as organizing the content hierarchy to support the overall goal.

As a newer member of the Saratoga (NY) Kennel Club, Mike wasted no time in sharing his talents with the club. He developed a brand-new website for the club that is bright, easy to navigate and easy for club members to make updates in club information. We can’t thank Mike enough for the time and energy he put into this!
akc kennel club website design