Some may call it a pet project, but I tend to think of it as a masterpiece that will continue to improve. The idea for ProLitter came about after speaking with friends and colleagues in the retriever world. I personally am invested in that space and I had a strong desire to help others as well. The issue however is that many breeders across the US are relatively small having 1 or 2 litters per year, or maybe a litter every few years, and they do what they do for the love of the dogs and not as a means to make a profit leaving them with little to invest in advertising. None-the-less these breeders do need some marketing tools and this is exactly the space ProLitter was made for. ProLitter is a website where preservation retriever breeders can subscribe to for a low fee. With their subscription breeders can create a web page for their breeding program, list their dogs along with pedigrees, health clearances and allocates, plus add their litter announcements when the time comes. To take things further ProLitter also has offerings for retriever trainers and clubs as well making it easy for those who use ProLitter to find a pup find a trainer and a club to join to become active with their new dog.

The project consisted of design for the overall brand identity, look and feel, colors and logo, icon design, merch design, social media marketing and design, and last-but-not-least, design and development of website from scratch. Have a look at

ProLitter is a game changer! - Big Water Dreams Retrievers
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website design for dog breeders, retrievers